Eze-Breeze Room (PGT)

Give your outdoor living area that breezy, screened porch feeling, while providing protection from the elements with lightweight, easy-to-operate vinyl-glazed panels.

Before Eze-Breeze Walls

After Eze-Breeze Walls

  • Can be added to existing screen room
  • Can be custom to fit virtually any openings
  • Can be easily removed for cleaning and storing–leaving a complete screen room
  • Can be installed in non-insulated walls and insulated wall systems
  • Can be installed under existing patio covers or roofs
  • Vertical 4-track Panels with windows that open from top or bottom to 75% of the whole window area. Panels can be removed
  • completely or tilt forward for easy cleaning
  • Side Slider Panels are full length panels that move side-to-side by a touch of a finger. Panels can be lifted out for easy cleaning
  • The tough 10-mil rugged vinyl-glazing is lighter and more affordable than glass and gives a panoramic view while keeping wind and weather out
  • If accidentally distorted, the vinyl will return to its original shape within minutes
  • Heavy duty aluminum frames hold both screens and sliding panels in place
  • Aluminum frames available in white, bronze, or beige (beige is not available in side sliders)
  • Vinyl glazing available in clear, bronze, or gray

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